Eating Disorders…On a rise.


Posted on May 5, 2011 by Vanica

There is usually so much to think about in your everyday life. Money, exams, relationships, plus so much more all leading to stress. So sometimes the simple things in life, such as food, can become the least of your worries.

Eating disorders are increasing at a rapid rate in the United Kingdom and the problem is getting worst and worst.

“It’s estimated that one per cent of women between the ages of 15 and 30 have anorexia, two per cent have bulimia and as many as 15 per cent have a binge-eating disorder.”


I spoke to eating disorder psychologist assistant, Roshanak Nekooi, who said:
“3 of the most well known eating disorders are anorexia nervosa ,bulimia nervosa and obesity. The charateristics of anorexia nervosa are based on the following criteria:

  • body weight less than 85% of that expected
  • distorted body image
  • intense fear of becoming fat despite being significantly underweight
  • amenorrhoea

Similarly Bulimia nervosa is characterised as having a distorted body image as well as repeatedly bingeing on food, followed by purging, misuse of laxatives or medication, fasting and excessive exercise. Females are considered to have an increased risk of developing anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa with a diagnostic percentage of 90-95%. The average diagnostic age for anorexia nervosa is adolescents, whereas bulimic patients are seen to be predominantly in their 20s.”

Roshanak also said- “People with bulimia nervosa are likely to binge on food and then purge afterwards. Their weight is usually at the low end of the healthly bmi which is why it is difficult to tell if they have an eating disorder by looking at them. Anorexics dont enjoy eating, however they enjoy cooking and reading about food, they usually play with their food and cut it up into small peices. They also take part in excessive excercise.”

There are now many programmes in the media highlighting the issues of eating disorders in this country. Supersize vs. Superskinny, shown on Channel 4, shows the reality of two different people facing their different disorders. This programme shows eating disorders at there worst and tries to show the patients the root of their eating disorder problem.

I also spoke to a student, who did not want to be named, about her struggles with food, here is a soundclip of what happened and how she got through her ordeal:

There is also a lot of help out there for people suffering from eating disorders, so do not hesitate to give them a call about even the smallest problem with food:

  • b-eat


Tel : (adults) : 08456 341414

Tel : (under 25s): 08456 347650

Website :


Oxfam centre in Huddersfield burnt to a crisp

Posted on May 2, 2011 by Chanda

Oxfam Wastesaver plant was destroyed by a huge inferno and a series of explosions on Saturday evening.

Over seventy fire fighters were at the scene, battling with the fire but were unable to put it out for a further eight hours.

The warehouse on Beck Road, Huddersfield takes in old clothing from across the country and recycles it.

It is suggested that piles of baled clothing inside the building fuelled the fire.

The blaze also sent a thick, opaque cloud of smoke into the sky over the city centre and could be seen for miles.

Plumes of smoking billowing from the building.

Police closed many roads in the area shortly after the fire began at 6pm, causing traffic chaos and long queues.

The fire crews who arrived at the scene first were confronted with sky-high flames ripping through the roof of one of the three warehouse units that make up the centre after an explosion shook the entire premises.

More fire crews were called after the fire proved uncontrollable.

Passers by told of the drama and how it unfolded.

Martin Peaks, who was walking his dog, said: ‘I just saw massive plumes of smoke and a crowd was gathering so I stood and watched. The fire worsened and the smoke got thicker. There were a couple of loud bangs that shook the building.’

Many officers were called to cordon off the area and to keep back sightseers who had come to watch the fire.

Insp. Diane Booth, of West Yorkshire Police, said: ‘There was a need to keep a large area clear because of the number of fire appliances and fire crews who were involved in tackling the blaze.’

Ambulance crews were also present at the scene as precaution and police officers on duty wore facemasks to protect them from smoke inhalation.

The huge fire fighting operation saw crews from many stations such as Huddersfield, Dewsbury and Morley battling with the inferno and they used two specialist hydraulic platforms to tackle the blaze from above.

The fire as it was starting

A structural engineer was also called to assess the damaged building, as there were fears it would collapse.

An enquiry of the cause of the blaze is being conduced by fire investigation officers and the police.

Student housing in flames

Fire engine at the scene and evacuated students gathering outside

Students were led to safety after a fire broke out in a student kitchen on Wednesday morning.

The fire at The Forge, Boston Street, was caused by two cooking pans. Four fire engines and a police car were called to the scene. Boston Street was temporarily blocked off as firefighters tackled the blaze.

Many students were left bemused as the fire alarm did not go off in parts of the building. Some were still in their rooms even after the firefighters had entered the kitchen.

Student Ben Hall said: “When I looked out of the window I saw the fire engines but I didn’t think our building was on fire because I didn’t hear the alarm. It was only when I happened to be going outside I realised that the fire was in the building and that some students had already been evacuated.”

Unite, the organisation that owns and runs The Forge, declined to comment.


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