How much do you think about your own safety?

 Moving away from home is probably one of the biggest steps that you will take during your life and with moving out, you have so much more responsibility to think about and take on.

 At university it’s fair enough to say that we like a couple of drinks or a few… but under the influence of alcohol do we really think about what’s best for us and our safety?

 On the 19th of March 2011, Sian O’ Callaghan, a 22 year old girl from Swindon, was murdered after a night out in her home town. She apparently got in to a taxi and that was the last time she was seen. Christopher Halliwell, the 47 year old taxi driver, was charged with her murder. Halliwell was also charged with 2 other murders, both of young girls.

Being a student myself, I have countless times got into a taxi on my own after having a few drinks without even a second thought. Only when something like this happens it makes me think twice.

 I wanted to ask a few of you, how much you think about your own safety, especially when you are out:

 Varsha Patel: “I am usually a bit vary when I go out, I mean after hearing a lot of stories of girls getting in to situations, I feel like it could actually happen to anyone, including me. So it does make me be more careful when I am out.”

 Sarah Coupland: “After a couple of drinks I do tend to not think about my own safety. I really do not think about any consequences when I get into a taxi on my own and I think it’s really normal. After thinking about it right now, and hearing all the cases of the girls, I most likely will try and look after myslef more when I am out.”

 Samantha Reed: “I really do think about my own safety. I mean I hear and see the cases on the news and read the articles in the newspapers. I really does show that anything can happen to anyone so you do have to think about the situation that you are putting yourself in.”

Tom Griffin: “Even though I am a lad I do think of my own safety, as well as the girls that I go out with. I like to know that all my friends get home safely. Terrible things can happen, I mean, only last year a student in Leicester drowned in the river after walking home alone. It shows that absolutely anything can happen if you do put yourself at risk.”

Anisha Pattni: “I wish I did think about my own safety a little bit more. I feel like I do put myself at risk especially after having a few drinks. I tend to walk home alone because it isn’t far and i always think that everything will be fine. Everything has always been fine up to now, but after hearing these stories about when things happen to girls, it really does scare me.”

Luisa Harrison: “I really do think about the situations that I put myself in, but sometimes there really isn’t a choice. Many times I have had to take taxis on my own even if I didn’t want to. I think you have to put your trust in some people even if you do not know them at all. I always tend to call a realiable taxi firm instead of getting a black cab as I do feel safer knowing that the journeys are tracked.”

It’s very easy to see that we really do not think of our safety often. BUT when you have a drink or two be sure to have a few friends with you and always make sure you are not alone!


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