Consumer rights… Where do you stand?

Is the customer always right?

Most of us absolutely love to shop, to get our hair done and generally spend our money. But did you know that once we hand over the money and get a receipt, a legal contract has been made.

After working in retail myself I realised just how many complaints we used to get. But as always we had to go by ‘the customer is always right.’ But what happens when you don’t get the service that you supposed to get and when you don’t agree with the retailer or company?

Chanda Azam, 21, had a total disaster just recently when she took a trip to her hairdressers in Huddersfield:

“I paid £120 to get my hair professionally coloured and cut and it turned out awful. Not only that, the hairdresser managed to get hair dye on my top, ruining it completely. They were also so rude when I complained to them.”

I myself have had a total disaster at Boots opticians in Leicester:

“I went to get my lenses changed in my frames. I did not get any warning that the frames may break and if they did, Boots would not be liable. Considering I had bought the frames from America, I wanted to keep them. A week later I got a phone call from Boots telling me that my frames had been broken. I went in to sort it out and I was given no compensation until I hassled them and they finally gave me half of what my frames were worth meaning I was not able to buy any of the same standard. The manager was out-right rude and frankly I would not ever go to a Boots Opticians again.”

With both situations, we believe that the companies were in the wrong. There are actually many people to help in situations such as these:

The Hairdressing Council
Citizen Advice Bureau
And many more…
I spoke to a member of the Citizen Advice Bureau and they clearly said they were happy to help with any case and that it is worth getting in touch with them.

So if you feel like you haven’t been treated right, why not give them a call!

Vanica Patel


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