A lot of us can’t live without it, we spend so much money on it every year and it also is a total necessity in our lives. What is it?


Everyday millions of females paste on the foundation, brush on the bronzer and blusher, line our eyes and finally mascara our lashes . The question I want to ask is why?

Why do we feel the need to make ourselves look like different people to who we actually are?

As well changing our looks by just make-up; plastic surgery is also on the increase, with most females in the United Kingdom wanting a boob job.

Some people may say that all make-up does is enhance the features that you have already got whereas others may totally disagree and have the view that all make-up does is cover up what you haven’t got.

What do you think? I thought I would ask a few of you:

Rosh Patel: “I absolutely love make up and I honestly don’t think that I could live without it. I don’t really think that I have bad skin or anything to cover up but it just make me feel better about myself and gives me confidence.”

Sarah Dyson: “I’m really not a make-up fan but I do tend to wear it when I go out somewhere special and it does really make you feel good about the way that you look.”

After talking to a few girls it came to my attention that they mainly wore it for confidence as it made them feel better about the way that they looked and about them selves. Surely this is a good thing?

I decided that I should also ask a couple of lads what they prefer…Make-up or Natural?

Matt Smith: “I actually don’t mind make-up at all. If it makes a girl look better…why not? And also I think if it gives them confidence, then they should definitely wear it.”

Showing makeup as a necessity-always wearing it!

Krishan Patel: “I don’t like girls putting too much make-up on as I really do think ‘what is the point of covering up your natural self?.’ I think natural beauty is a lot prettier and to be honest I don’t see the point of girls trying to make themselves look different, as at some point during the day the make-up does come off.”


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