Carnage… Good or Bad?

The student event, Carnage, has been going on for many years in a number of cities. The seven hour bar crawl in the Sheffield city centre starts at the Revolution bar and ends up at the Embrace nightclub.

In 2009, a student attending Sheffield Hallam University, Phillip Laing, was caught urinating on a war memorial in the middle of Sheffield city centre. This caused absolute outrage to the rest of the Sheffield residents and society.

I wanted to ask some of the students at this year’s Carnage event (21st February 2011) what they thought about this particular incident and what they think of Carnage in general.

“I think that the incident of Philip Laing was really bad but I also think that one incident should not really stop students having fun. Personally, I know where my limits are and I know what is right and wrong. I think the majority of other students also know when they have crossed the line.”

Sarah Coupland, Aged 20, Sheffield Hallam University.

“Carnage is a brilliant student event and it is brilliant for bringing students together and also getting to know different people. Students can make mistakes and do stupid things, but I reckon that they can learn from what they have done.”

Krishan Mistry, Aged 22, Sheffield University.

I genuinely feel a bit sorry for the residents of Sheffield, during Carnage. What happened with Philip Laing was definitely unacceptable. I do enjoy the event, but some behaviour is definitely not right.”

Dhruti Patel, Aged 20, Sheffield Hallam University.

It is obvious that students really enjoy this event and it will go on in the future. Since the incident with Philip Laing, more police have been on duty during the event, making it safer and more pleasant for the Sheffield residents.

Vanica Patel


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